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Use the makeup blending sponge to flaunt your best makeup techniques and achieve a natural, sheer finish effortlessly! The AirSponge swells in size when wet to prevent absorption and product waste from primers, foundations, and powders when applied to the sponge. After you contour and blend like a pro, simply clean the ultra-soft cosmetic applicator with soap and water and let it air dry before storing in its transparent makeup sponge packaging.



To experience the best performance from the AirSponge, wet the sponge before starting your makeup routine. Water triggers the hydrophilic beauty sponge to seal its cells to maximize makeup coverage with less product. Gently squeeze excess water out the blending makeup sponge to a dampened state. Use the tip or bottom end of the AirSponge to dip into foundation, concealer, cream blush and other makeup formulas. Instead of rubbing or dragging the sponge across your skin, use stippling and bouncing makeup techniques to target areas for a seamless blend. The sponge’s sides work well to evenly smooth out contours. The AirSponge’s design is crafted to be a solution for makeup troubles, correcting uneven complexions and smoothing away imperfections to deliver a uniform beauty look. The AirSponge can be reused for up to 3-6 months, depending on care and application frequency.