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-CICA CLAY which helps to care rough skin texture caused by clogged pores caused by blackhead and white head, oily sebum, and flaky dead cell increases pore care effect.
-The mild clay formula which spreads on the skin softly and moistly by containing hyaluronic acid which draws moisture and minimizes tightness of skin.
-The easy washable clay type formula allows you to cleanse face easily and cleanly. The formula cares skin smoothly by cleansing sebum and bodily waste cleanly and offers moistness like spreading a moisture carpet on the skin.

Suggested Use
After cleansing face, remove water drops on the face. Take appropriate amount of the pack on entire face except around eyes and mouth and rinse off the formula using tepid water after 10 - 15 mins. (It's fine to apply the pack on the topical area where is required to do intensive care.)

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