Auto Water Feeding

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Want Your pets To Stay Healthy?

Dehydration can be Deadly for pets: 

More Than 3000 Domestic pets Die at US Homes Each Year Because of Poor Hydration and Kidney Related Issues!

Kidney Diseases Will Likely Impact 1 in 3 pets or More. Kidney Disease Tends to Hide Until it's Fairly Advanced..

Our Fountain Encourages Your Fur Babies To Drink More Water. This Prevents Potential Health Issues for Years to Come! Let's See How:

 Flowing Water Encourages Your pets to Drink More, Which Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Diseases.

 Also Cools and Soothes, Helps Prevent Over Heating and Dehydration.

 Especially Effective if Your Pets Prefers to Eat Dry Food!

 Carbon Activated Filter Keeps Your pets Healthy and Prevents any Toxic Bacteria!

 Lasts For Years and its Easy to Clean. Get Extra Filters for the Fountain to Last Longer with Fresh Water 

 Operates Silently with a Relaxing Sound of Water Flow.

 Non-Toxic & Safe. BPA Free Materials Make Your Pets Drink The Most Fresh Water POSSIBLE.

 Pets LOVE to Drink From it and are Interested in the Soothing Sound Of The Falling Water! Pets Always Prefer to Drink Moving Water to Still Water.

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