Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil

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The sweet, rich and balsamic like aroma of vanilla absolute have made it one of the preferred aromas of the cosmetic industry since its advent. Vanilla absolute is traditionally used as a flavoring ingredient in foods and tobacco as well as perfumery. Vanilla generates a sense of well-being and a feeling of relaxation. Its aroma is euphoric and comforting.

Every vanilla flower is pollinated by hand and each blossom produces a single bean that is normally harvested after 8 or 9 months. Vanilla beans (from the pods) are then dried. Vanilla absolute is obtained from the pods by a complex process and its a highly valued ingredient in perfumery.

The vanilla beans originate from Madagascar. Vanilla absolute is obtained by solvent (glycerine) extraction of the fresh dried pod of Vanilla planifolia.


Countries where it's found

Madagascar and Mexico are the largest producers of Vanilla Beans Oil. Vanilla plants are also widely grown in India, Egypt and Bourbon.

Harvesting Information

The harvesting of the vanilla beans are carried out when the plant is completely dry.

History of the Plant

Vanilla plant is usually referred to as a New World plant as its first mentions of cultivation are found in Mayan relics which date back to 14th century AD. The Totonac people belonging to the Mazatlan Valley on the gulf Coast of Mexico are believed to be the first to produce vanilla. Around the mid-19th century, Mexico was the chief producer of vanilla and now it is grown in most parts of the world.

Extraction Process

This Vanilla oil is a Natural identical vanilla oil, made from identical flavors from Vanilla beans and Natural Vanillin, Commonly used in Bakery products, Milk products , its soluble in oil as well as in water.

Commonly known Benefits

  • Aphrodisiac: The problems of erectile dysfunction, frigidity, impotency and loss of libido can be checked by proper dosage of vanilla oil. It simulates hormone secretion so that levels of testosterone and estrogen are maintained in the body and helps in normalising sexual behaviour.
  • Anti-oxidative properties: Oxidation is root cause of a number of diseases which gradually lead to weakening of immunity and nervous malfunction. The anti-oxidative properties of vanilla beans oil protects our body from such types of ailments as it is rich in anti-oxidative elements which also heal the damage done to the body.
  • Fighting Depression: Vanillin Hydroxybenzaldehyde, a major component of Vanilla beans oil, works as an anti-depressant lifts our mood. Whenever we eat vanilla flavored ice creams we experience the same relief and vanilla aroma is very relaxing for our mood.
  • Sedative: The essential vanilla oil soothes many types of hyperactivity and inflammations in our body's respiratory and circulatory system.
  • Sound Sleep: The sedative and relaxing properties of vanilla oil help our body in getting a sound sleep.
  • Vanilla oil also has a soothing effect on our nerves and a calming effect on our brain as it provides immediate relief from anger, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc.

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