Two Ways to Help Build Your Credit Score

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Two Ways to Help Build Your Credit Score

As we all are aware, having better credit helps us get lower interest rates and also helps us to be approved easier for loans. While there are credit cards, car loans, personal loans, mortgages & other loans that exist and when approved they can help you improve your credit score, you might not always want to go for them, because they would possibly have high interest rates depending on your score. There are some options that can help to improve scores either without paying very high interest or even not paying any interest at all.

One of the ways that you can look to improve your score is by using the Shop Pay Installments to buy merchandise. When you are making regular payments to your installment loan, it gets reported to the credit agencies & it is able to help grow your credit score. Getting the Shop Pay Installments is easy, just look for the ability on the product pages & you can apply for the installment plan, which would help you to get something that you want, but without having to pay for the whole thing all at once, but over time.

Another way is using a debit card such as Extra, which does not affect your credit score at all when you are getting started with it, also it will not cause you to go into further debt either. The way that the Extra debit card works is you are given spending power that is within the amount that your bank account has & you are able to use that spending power to buy stuff & then within a few days, they will then pull the money from your linked bank account and at the end of each month, they will be reporting to all the credit agencies to help you raise your credit score. Go to and use the referral code: MATTH95G9KJ and you'll be able to receive 50k points that you can use toward rewards that they have available to choose from. The rewards range from gift cards to foood & other physical goods.