Which One Is Right For You Between Glycolic Acid & Lactic Acid?

Which One Is Right For You Between Glycolic Acid & Lactic Acid?

Your skincare routine is a bank account therefore, we must invest wisely and here comes, our role into play to let you choose the right type of exfoliation for your skin type. Since, there are two plots to choose from whether be it: Glycolic or Lactic.

It is the ultimate lots to choose from for the ultimate results and deeper exfoliation of the skin. Be it the glycolic or the lactic both tend to be rich sources for exfoliation by deep removal of your dead cells and enhancing your complexion.

The sensitive skin types though usually just chooses from either of them, yes we know you are prone to more things and rather chose from selective and rich ingredients.

So, which team are you on? The Team Glycolic or the Team Lactic?

I would not lie when I say that I’m Team Glycolic all through but let’s not be biased here and let’s put you through the benefits and techniques of both to let you choose which is best for your type of skin. Who wouldn’t want to know that right? Let’s brace up and come on the ride with me:

Do You Know That Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid Have Things In Common?

Be it Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid both are from alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)family. Where glycolic acid is derived from sugarcane the other the lactic acid is derived from milk but they both work on the same way.

Glycolic Acid work as a “cement” between the dead cells of your skin and the Lactic Acid like wise holds the skin together and works as a “glue” in binding it all together. Since both the Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid come from the same family they are too hydrate skin.

AHA’s being water soluble they work excellently over the superficial skin layers, while working best as the multi- tasker they are highly recommended for pigmented skin. 

Glycolic Acid the best pick for?

Glycolic Acid is a godsend choice for the dry skin and if your skin is sun damaged or pigmented too the Glycolic Acid is your go to choice.

It works by loosening up the skin and dissolving up the glue like substance “desmosome” and you often feel a tinge sensation on your skin as the desmosome works against the skin the old dead cells sheds away. So, while you won’t notice the exfoliation happening over your skin, you will slowly notice the texture change and more radiating skin that it has led to.

So, the message to use the Glycolic Acid’s products at home: less is more.

Lactic Acid the best pick for?

Lactic Acid is derived from the component of milk thus is the best for sensitive skin type. Lactic Acid is also the member of the AHA Family but is the gentlest member of the family, thus; it gets easily mixed with any type of glycolic acid, which otherwise when comes in contact with any other form of glycolic acid it gets irritating and itchy to the skin.

Lactic Acid being the mild exfoliant to the skin will not disrupt the pH of the skin and would not cause itchiness to the skin. Different than other acids, it is also moisturizing to the skin which is why you will see it broadly across the products.


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