Artificial Rose Clover Topiary Ball 17" UV Resistant Set of 2

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Indulge in the luxury of having a touch of greenery in your home or office without the hassle of watering and trimming. With our gorgeous artificial topiary balls, you can add a splash of nature to any space without any ongoing maintenance. The high-quality materials used to craft these topiary balls ensure that they will last you years, no matter where you decide to place them.

Imagine walking into your home or office and being greeted by the sight of lush green topiary balls perfectly complementing the space. Whether you choose to place them on top of an urn or pot, or hang them from a hook or chain, the possibilities are endless. Our lifelike foliage is sure to evoke feelings of peace and tranquility and add a touch of natural beauty to your environment.

No watering and trimming

With our artificial topiary balls, you won't have to every worry about ongoing pruning again! Our superb life-like foliage will perfectly complement any space you may have. Perfect for:

  • Placing on-top of an urn
  • Placing on-top of a pot or planter
  • Hanging from a hook or chain

Order your set of two beautiful artificial topiary balls today, and transform your space into a haven of greenery. With our easy online ordering process, you can have them delivered right to your doorstep, and start enjoying the benefits of nature without any of the hassle. Choose to elevate your space with our stunning topiary balls, and experience the joy of nature in the comfort of your own home or office. Each topiary ball has an internal plastic frame and the two halves join together to create a full ball. 2 full balls per set.