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The debate upon “does what you eat affect your skin” continues to a long and much awaited one. By now, it is into our common knowledge that our food does affect our skin and certain nutrients help specific body parts to work better and healthily. Just like healthy bones require proper amount of calcium and Vitamin D, our heart works effectively with proper intake of omega-3 fatty acids rich food. And similarly, what could lead to a healthy and glowing skin have you ever pondered over this one never ending question? What worst foods for acne should be avoided? According to...

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Does climate have an impact on the skin, especially during winter? Of course, summer brings glow and gleaming skin. Whereas, winters can be a little vindictive when we don’t give our skin desired care. Perhaps, the skin needs effective natural organic lotion and pampering through this time of the year. We embrace the chill atmosphere of the year as the cheers for holidays. Winter season takes away every ounce of summer glow, meaning colder, shorter, and darker days. With the minimal expectation of warmth from the sun, body & skin cry for immense care.  Tips for Winter Skin Care for...

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