Eating the Wrong Foods Can Worsen Your Skin

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Eating the Wrong Foods Can Worsen Your Skin

The debate upon “does what you eat affect your skin” continues to a long and much awaited one. By now, it is into our common knowledge that our food does affect our skin and certain nutrients help specific body parts to work better and healthily. Just like healthy bones require proper amount of calcium and Vitamin D, our heart works effectively with proper intake of omega-3 fatty acids rich food. And similarly, what could lead to a healthy and glowing skin have you ever pondered over this one never ending question?

What worst foods for acne should be avoided?

worst foods for acne

According to the Experts and Dermatologists, eating the wrong food can worsen your skin. Here, we list some worst foods for acne that should be avoided to have a healthy and glowing skin:

1.    Sugar and Refined Grains

We in our usual daily routine tend to consume sugar and refined carbohydrates comparatively high and invite acne prone zone to our skin as to that from people having less or no acne. Food like Pasta made with white flour, breads, crackers, cereals or dessert all could be your way to leading to worsening of skin.

2.    Fast Food

In this age of instant food and no time to spare in preparing a healthy and effective meal we tend to make our skin worsen on a rapid scale. Daily consumption of such fast food increases our skin worsening by 17% and alters hormones which further leads to acne development rapidly.

3.    Dairy Products

People with adult acne or cystic acne are advised by the Experts to avoid the intake of any form of dairy product and have a positive impact on their skin. As there lies an internal relation of whey protein found in milk which leads to growth in insulin helping to form acne on our skin.

4.    Soda

Any soda, juices or sports drinks or any food containing corn syrup or sugar causes inflammation along with causing a rapid damage to elastin and collagen which further leads to pre mature aging and wrinkles on your skin, thus; making it look a damaged one.

There is no doubt that your genes, age, lifestyle, hormones all duly affect your skin, but it is also an inside job and what you eat in making your skin a glowing and healthy one. And along with the proper nutrition and balanced diet it is also what you apply on your skin that makes it a healthy one. Thus, when you opt from natural organic lotions apart from highly chemical infused lotions, it supplies the right amount of nutrient and fill in the necessity for what was missing in your skin.

Nowadays, we have curated organic and natural skin care products as per our skin requirements along with the change in weather patterns. Our skin concerns rise as per the rise in temperature – from sunburn to dry flakiness - these natural organic skin care products  like – The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil which is termed to be a long- standing favorite when it comes to natural skincare with rich antimicrobial and antiseptic properties embedded it got us covered in all weather patterns and changes. 

Similarly, there lies a wide range of natural organic skincare products favoring each skin type. Whether you could easily make your choice from:

•    Blu Atlas Purifying Face Mask, 

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All boasts to safe skincare range and could be products producing protection of one of its kind. Since, our skin absorbs majority of lotion and creams we apply over it, it would be advisory to be mindful of what ingredients you put it through. 

The Perfect Care of skin: Your one step to Flawless Beauty.

“The skin is the reflection of your full body health.” Whether you have an oily skin craving for natural organic lotions or be it an aging skin craving for best anti- aging serums for sensitive skin or to a dry skin making your demand for natural organic lotions for dry skin, the market ranges for all skin types from serums to lotions for you to have your best pick from. Along with proper skin treatment, nutrient, lifestyle to dermatological advancements aim to supply the best to your skin.

Your natural organic lotion is your way of supplying right amount of food and nutrients to your face and for the dry skin by making the right use of hyaluronic acid, adaptogenic mushrooms, and vegan ceramides we can make your dry flaky skin soft velvety and intensely moisturized one. Serums are yet another way of providing your skin with anti-aging routine. Anti- Aging serums are the most effective and non -invasive way to treat your skin and prevent your skin from aging breakouts along with the issues of hyperpigmentation, inflammation, dryness so on and so forth. 

The appeal of natural and organic products in intuitive and to repair your skin from oiliness, dry or patch form to aging factors proper and regular usage of such natural skin care products would be a game changer and would bring back you the life you skin has been wanting for itself. Your one shift from your regular formulated lotions to these non-toxic, all natural and organic ingredients formulated lotion can help prevent your kin from the damage and could give it the care it requires making it a smooth and glowing skin.