Best Body Oil for Glowing & Natural Skin

Best Body Oil for Glowing & Natural Skin

Following are the best body oil for dry skin or any other type of skins. These oils will make your skin radiate and shine:

1) COCONUT OIL:  As we all know that coconut oil is known for its various uses and benefits. We use coconut oil for cooking food, for frying snacks such as banana chips. We also use coconut oil for our hair and skin. Coconut oil gets easily absorbed on body; coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and K which has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is universally recommended by dermatologist to apply coconut oil for healthy and glowing skin. 

You can mix coconut oil with 2 tbsp of turmeric powder for shinning skin. It will make your skin soft and fluffy which smooth your body and if you use it during winter then it will act as a moisturizer for dry skin. So it is definitely among the best body oils for dry skin. 

2) OLIVE OIL:  Another most versatile and beneficial oil is olive oil which is used for both consumption and as cosmetic too. Olive oil is vivid in vitamin A, D, E and K. We also use olive oil as a moisturizer during winters, especially for people who have uncommonly dry skin. They should use olive oil daily to make their skin healthy and soft. 

Most of the branded moisturizers add olive oil in there mixture to make it natural to help body for giving healthy and glowing skin. If we add olive oil in our daily skin routine then it will never let your skin dry. No wonder it's in the list of best body oil for glowing skin. 

3) JOJOBA OIL:  Jojoba oil plays a vital role in skin care routine. Jojoba oil is extracted from its seeds. Jojoba oil contains medicinal properties. Therapists suggest Jojoba oil to treat acne, scar etc because it has healing properties. Use the oil daily and it will make your skin radiant, acne free and flawless. Your skin will look ageless and glowing. It is among the nicest bath and body works essential oils. 

4) ALMOND OIL:  Almond oil is used for skin and it is rich in Vitamin E, Zinc, protein and potassium. It is made of pressed Raw Almonds and it has health benefits as well. You can add one tbsp almond oil with milk and drink it daily. It will make bones healthy and strong. As it will also make your skin glow and people with sensitive skin can also use it without any doubt of allergies etc.


Clean your body with body wash, avoids soap, then takes a few drops of above mentioned oil into your palm and rubs it gently. Now, apply it on your skin and massage it gently then leave it overnight. It will soon make your dull and dry skin radiant and you will glow like a shining star.

You can also directly consume a few oils like coconut and olive oil which are used for cooking. It will also give you healthy and glowing body.